General & Local Anesthetic

In order to perform certain procedures, a general anesthetic will be used so that your pet is not conscious or in pain. Although it is sometimes alarming to have your pet go through a surgery, it is our goal to ensure your pet’s safety during all surgical procedures. We perform pre-anesthetic blood work and a thorough physical exam in order to determine if your pet is healthy enough for surgery as well as follow a strict anesthetic protocol for each surgery. As with humans, it is important to monitor any patient that is under anesthetic throughout the entirety of the procedure. Vital signs are monitored by one of our skilled technicians at all times so that our doctors can perform the surgery without endangering the patients essential organ values.

Some simpler procedures do not require a full submersion into anesthetic. We can perform these by using a local anesthetic that only affects the area we need to work on by removing pain and sensation instead of lapsing your pet into a fully unconscious state like in general anesthetic. If you have any questions regarding our anesthetic protocol, local anesthesia, or other concerns regarding your pet’s surgery, please feel free to give us a call.