Heartworm Prevention

HeartwormPrevention Heartworm disease is spread by the infected mosquito population and is extremely deadly if not prevented. After an infected mosquito bites your pet, the heartworm larva are passed into the bloodstream and are directed to the heart.

Here the larva grow and reproduce while causing damage to your pet’s heart, blood vessels, and lungs. This damage generates symptoms such as coughing, hacking, lethargy, and weight loss just to name a few. If not treated, heartworm disease becomes lethal.

Tri-County Veterinary Service offers many options for heartworm prevention. Whether you want to give a monthly chewable or a 12 month injection, we have choices to work with your lifestyle and budget. Of course, if we do not carry a specific product or prevention type in-house, we supply many more options through our online store for your convenience.