Large Animal Services

Breeding Soundness Evaluations (BSEs)

Breeding soundness exams can be completed on small ruminants as well as beef and dairy cattle.

Pregnancy Diagnosis

The doctors at Tri-County Veterinary Service utilize the latest in bovine ultrasound technology to provide quick and accurate pregnancy diagnosis. Pregnancy can be diagnosed in as few as 30 days post-breeding in cattle. We are also able to provide pregnancy diagnosis in sheep and goats.

Sick Animals

Tri-County Veterinary Service provides care for all sick or injured food animal species. The doctors are equipped with well-stocked trucks allowing for the treatment of many different conditions on the farm. In rare cases animals are brought into the Anna office for treatment or referred to The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center.


Our doctors perform many surgeries on the farm, including the correction of left and right displaced abomasums, bovine and small ruminant cesarean sections, castrations, conventional and cosmetic dehorning, and teaser ram surgery. Umbilical hernia surgeries and some small ruminant procedures are performed in the Anna office.

Preventive Care & Protocol Development

If you are in need of a vaccination or treatment protocol, contact Tri-County Veterinary Service and one of our doctors will work with you to identify your needs and develop the best protocol for you and your farm.


Tri-County Veterinary Service offers a variety of food animal diagnostic testing in the Anna office. Our in-house laboratory equipment allows same-day results on a number of tests, providing us the necessary information to make the best treatment decision for each animal. Available tests include complete CBC and biochemistry profile, down cow and ketotic cow profiles, parasite screening, BVD testing, antibiotic residue testing, and milk culture. Additional tests may be sent out to laboratories at both the state and national level.


Our Anna office houses a well-stocked large animal pharmacy to provide the medication and supportive treatment that your animals need. Additionally, medications can be brought to the Sidney office for pick-up with 24 hours notice.