Senior Pet Wellness

Pets can start to enter their senior stage of life around six to eight years of age depending on their breed, build, and genetics. At Tri-County Veterinary Service, we know that our older patients require more care and attention which is why we created our Senior Wellness Program. As part of the program, your pet will receive a complete and thorough physical examination and diagnostic testing to aid in the early detection and prevention of potentially life-threatening diseases. Listed below are the full details of everything included in the Senior Wellness Program as well as the diagnostic testing done:

  • Two annual visits instead of one

  • All vaccinations listed in our standards of care protocol

  • Diagnostic reports and risk tracking via:

    • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

    • Chemistry Profile

    • Total T4

    • Blood Pressure

    • Urinalysis

    • Heartworm Test

    • Fecal Exam (for parasites)

By enrolling your pet in our Senior Wellness Program, we can identify and treat pain, arthritis, and other age-related issues while also providing suggestions for nutrition, exercise, and modifications for your pet. For more details about this program or to schedule, please call the office to speak with a customer service representative.