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Letters of Thanks

“There is nothing that I hold more dear to me than my pets and there's no one I trust more than Dr. Gloyeske and Cindy. This has been a horrible year for me as I have lost 3 senior dogs and 3 cats. One of those cats had diabetes and got a horrible leg injury. Dr. Gloyeske spent hours with my baby trying everything he could to save him...then was there with him in the end. The compassion this staff has shown to my babies during their lifetime is something I appreciate more than I could ever express. Tri-County is by far the best Veterinarian Service anywhere!”

Kathi Montgomery-cable

Would not take my pets anywhere else! The staff truly cares about you and your pet! Also after 30 plus years doing business with them, they have been great to work with! Dr. Ken and Dr. Tim are very compassionate when the time comes to say goodbye to our furry friends! We also live on a farm with livestock and they have been awesome to work with!

Deb Fogt Vaubel

I cannot say enough about tri-county and dr Wagner! We had a dam give birth to twins in January the doe thrived but the buck had congenital and neurological issues but dr Wagner knew that our goats aren’t just goats they are apart of our family and that we were willing to love and care for whatever God gave us. I had her come out several times and also called a lot but she or the staff never made me feel like a bother. She helped all she could and when our sweet Odie left us she and the staff were so compassionate. Thank you again for everything and we look forward to continuing to work with you for our livestock!

Jenifer Walls

To everyone at Tri-County Vet,
Justin & I just wanted to thank everyone involved, for everything, in
regards to Minnie. We received your card in today's mail and it brought me
to tears. It truly meant a lot to us, as did your above and beyond
commitment and service for Minnie. Tim, I know you were short handed, that
day, and could have easily turned us away, and I want you to know that we
so very much appreciate you allowing us to bring her to you. We felt
comfortable, and at home, and that made all the difference in the world,
despite the outcome. Over the last 20 years of working together, we have
come to consider you as part of our family. This is by far one of the
hardest situations that we have faced and your support was greatly
appreciated. This was our first time working with Dr. Wagner, and we
appreciate her patience with us. Dr. Wagner allowed us to give Minnie, and
her pups a deserving chance until the very end, but unfortunately it just
wasn't meant to be. It was truly heartbreaking, as Minnie was very much
loved and will be deeply missed. She was a special girl, and only time will
Thanks Again & Merry Christmas to all of you!!

Justin, Mandy & Family